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Istvan Kantor’s Fame & Fortune

by Kathleen Reichelt

Go there before the month is up, experience the art and artifacts, talk to the artists and take advantage of this opportunity to speak with a living artist who has made a huge impact on performance art not only in Canada, but on the world.


by Kathleen Reichelt

a two part event created by Toronto based media and performance artist Istvan Kantor who brought the internationally renowned group Non Grata from Estonia via New York to perform in Toronto.

Burning Birch X3

by Kathleen Reichelt

May 26,2012,9:30pm

Without a pre-selected theme, the program revealed a number of shared commonalities from contemporary artists around the world

Blender by 253469

Wednesday, March 28, 2012, 7p.m–3 a.m.


The artist project 253469 hosted a performance and audiovisual art party at the Garrison on Wednesday, March 28, presenting a sampling of Toronto’s well-known and unknown artists working in absurd, counterculture ways.