Category: Elena Iourtaeva

The Disappeared / Gallery 44

by Elena Iourtaeva

While the questions raised by Grigorenko and Heyn-Jones certainly are important and worth considering, the means offered to the viewers for exploration do not seem to be quite as effective as the artists describe them to be.


by Elena Iourtaeva

The exchange exhibition between artists from San Antonio and Toronto was organized by Steve Rockwell, publisher and editor of dArt international magazine

Gallery Hop 2014

September 20, 2014

The day began with a panel conversation, continued with tours and talks, and concluded with the launch of the 30th anniversary issue of Canadian Art.

3rd Anniversary of Robert Kananaj Gallery

by Elena Iourtaeva

Located in a strip of land between an abandoned factory property and the Bloor-Lansdowne residential neighbourhood with tidily maintained front yards, Robert Kananaj’s new gallery venue boasts high ceilings, ramps and bright lights.