Category: Josephine Mwanvua

Interview with Sally Thurlow

by Josephine Mwanvua

Sally Thurlow currently has her solo show, titled At The Root, in the Red Head Gallery, that brings up present-day environmental problems as well as feminist issues.

Being / Krista Arnold & Chen Cao

by Joséphine Mwanvua

I highly recommend talking with these two artists if spirituality, the body and soul are topics that interest you because they have very interesting perspectives.

Junko Mizuno: Ambrosial Affair at Narwhal

by Josephine Mwanvua

Although the gallery’s definition of the exhibition labeled Mizuno’s art as being a series of food fetishes, she says that she simply adores drawing women and food, and has always loved to since childhood.

Art Spiegelman’s CO-MIX: A Retrospective

by Joséphine Mwanvua

Art Spiegelman – who happens to have a very metaphorical way of speaking, and who is just as funny as his comics – talked about how the culture of comics changed society’s relationship to media and how comics are treated nowadays: that they can even be seen in museums.

The Moon Room

by Josephine Mwanvua

Upon entering the show at Narwhal you are engulfed in this made-up space, immediately following along the narrative and when you step beyond the painted window, you are experiencing the moon through several perspectives.

Gallery Hop 2014

September 20, 2014

The day began with a panel conversation, continued with tours and talks, and concluded with the launch of the 30th anniversary issue of Canadian Art.