Category: Madeleine Till


September 19 & 20, 2015

by Carter Brown and Madeleine Till

SURFACE was not only a chance to reach out to the public, but also for the featured gallerists to get to know each other and to build community in a positive and friendly atmosphere.

Interview with Stella Cade

by Madeleine Till

I was being as honest with a portrait of someone else as with my own self-portraits. Maintaining the vulnerability in the piece. Those specific insecurities are important because that’s how I look at art, at myself, and at the world.

Hazel Eckert & Annyen Lam at Open Studio

by Madeleine Till

Both Eckert and Lam’s exhibitions had something unique and promising to offer the viewer, with Eckert’s show being rooted in physical and material based processes and Lam’s being centered around an imaginative land that exists in a reality outside our own.