Category: FEATURES

NetherMind – “Elegy”

by Mikael Sandblom

The exhibition’s theme is a heavy one; one of loss and grief. The work addresses the issues head on, with solemnity, but around the edges there’s a quiet sense of humour. 

Touring the Toronto Art Fair

by Hugh Alcock

Art fairs are becoming an increasingly important business model for galleries and dealers. The worry is that their ascendance will leave less and less room for slow art, as the market is crowded out by spectacle.

Art Toronto 2022

by Steve Rockwell & Lex Barrie

Art Toronto 2022 has provided significantly more space between booth aisles, with added seating for lounging, making attendance less hurried, relaxed, and in that, more pleasurable.

Walking Nuit Blanche 2022

by Phil Anderson, Georgia Gardner & Olivia Mariko Hsuen-Ferris

it was all fun, an enjoyable walk around and as a collective experience sharing knowledge through the power of art: it worked