Category: FEATURES

Point / Counter-Point

by David A. Ross

The works are variations upon the theme of environment, whether social or natural or both, criticizing perceiving imbalances and offering suggestions to remedy the situation. It raises questions and reveals ambiguities.

Are You Alright?

by Aliya Bhatia

The manner in which the viewer tries to grapple with the multitude of images is similar to the way in which today’s sensationalist society is constantly evolving and replacing itself.

The Art of Layering

by Salomeh Ahmadi

Looking around I was impressed by some artists’ works who used the technique of collage. In other words several artists caught my eyes with their exceptional use of layers in creating a narrative.

The Artist Project 2013

by Phil Anderson

February 21 – 24, 2013
Better Living Centre

I walked along Dufferin Street under the Princess Gate with excited anticipation to see the Artist Project in their new space in the Better Living Centre.