Category: PROFILES

Patti Smith’s Solo

by Deborah Kanfer

I thought the conciseness of the exhibit worked well for Smith’s style. Furthermore, it intrigued me, my interest was certainly piqued. Potentially more so in hindsight. A thought provoking visual biography.

Michael Snow: Objects of Vision

by Amy Luo

“In my work I’m always a sculptor,” says Michael Snow. This is a rather unexpected comment coming from an artist whose extensive oeuvre spanning six decades includes painting, sculpture, film, photography, and music.

Life is short, Capture it!!!

by Salomeh Ahmadi

I feel a theme building based on where I am shooting that day. This motivates me to spend more time at a site and to explore several concepts that are always present in my photographs: Light, Texture, Fluidity, Shape and the exploration of Free Flowing photography.

Re Figured / Interview with Evan Penny

by Emese Krunák-Hajagos

“I filter my process through photography and our relationship to images of ourselves in mass media. One of the by-products of this long process has been a progression towards “realism” but the motivation itself is not realism.

Interview with Robert Kananaj

by Emese Krunak-Hajagos

Invitation to whom it may concern: If you are in any way witnessing remoteness in any level, personal, or social, or simply art loving, or an artist, we have Robert Kananaj Gallery hosting and sharing the outsider in all of us.