Category: Ashley Johnson

Ed Niedzielski

by Ashley Johnson

Ed Niedzielski embeds his emotions in his abstract works, which manifests his state of mind, …or mindlessness, …finding a zone for Zen.

The Art of Marcelo Suaznabar

Articsok Gallery

by Ashley Johnson

One can salute the intention of the artist to maintain a moral integrity and to present art with a social message. That he also creates mysterious and intriguing work is an added blessing.

Nahúm Flores ‘Inheritors’

by Ashley Johnson

Flores is one of the most interesting Latin American artists working in Toronto. His vision offers the possibility, through storytelling, of finding a new symbiosis with all life.


by Ashley Johnson

There is a deep well of hidden talent that lies submerged in Toronto, trickling forth from dwindling numbers of studios as inevitable gentrification takes place. Artists are faced with ever bourgeoning costs and lessening opportunities.

Electric Eclectics #6

by Ashley Johnson

July 29 – 31, 2011
Meaford, Ontario

This festival was not just about sound and included a number of interesting art installations, some malevolent robots, 3-D video and DJ-ing in the tent. There was a lot to see and do

DENNIS BURTON / Word Magic – Toronto 1970’s

by Ashley Johnson

A sign of cultural maturity in developed societies is the wholehearted support and celebration of its artists. Their contribution is recognized as ‘cultural capital’, to be nurtured and exported, whether as art objects or social ideas. Value is attached and upheld by institutions that generate knowledge and shows about that product.