Category: Emese Krunák-Hajagos


October 27 – 30, 2017

by Steve Rockwell, Emese Krunák-Hajagos & Carolyn Peralta

walking the fair is an almost overwhelming experience with so many artwork and interesting programming

O Canada! / BEERS Gallery

by Emese Krunák-Hajagos

the art works in the exhibition are raising questions as to whether there truly is some sort of collective, cultural consciousness or aesthetic tradition

CONTACT 2017 / Artoronto picks

Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival

May, 2017 / Toronto and GTA

With so much choices, with well over 1500 Canadian and international artists and photographers exhibiting at more than 200 exhibitions, it isn’t easy picking exhibits to see.

The paintings of Kim Dorland

by Emese Krunák-Hajagos

Dorland’s vision of a forest, or other parts of nature, is very different from any realistic or idealistic view – he brought drama into nature. Even in his landscapes he wants “to tell his own story.”

Interview with Robert Kananaj

by Emese Krunák-Hajagos

Our plans for the next five years are to adapt ourselves to the gallery’s growth. Art as life, one project at a time, and to be open as we always have been to the outsider within.

Interview with Amy Shackleton

by Emese Krunák-Hajagos

Now, after years of experimenting with gravity and rotating my canvas, I am able to manipulate where and how each drip will fall. There is little room for error with my technique.