Jordan Clarke:“Something In-between”

September 6 –  25, 2011
Opening: Thursday, September 8, 7 – 9 pm,
756 Queen Street East (at Broadview Avenue)
Toronto, ON M4M 1H4
T: 416-465-0302
Hours: Tues to Sun 12 – 5 pm

The Hang Man Gallery is proud to Announce “Something In-between”, Jordan Clarke’s self-portraiture series exploring her mixed-race identity as both a physical and a psychological state.
Her paintings explore a biracial woman’s 21st Century perspective about constant pressures to assume predetermined racial and gender roles created by society.

“My art is both a reflection of and a reaction to my society.  Through the act of painting, I aim to create striking pieces of art that provoke debate, thought, and emotion. Painting has always been the most natural way for me to express myself ”. Jordan Clarke

Forecasted is Toronto’s majority population to be more multicultural and diverse, “Something In-between” is sure to stir heated issues and debate about identity and race this fall.

About the Hang Man Gallery
The Hang Man Gallery, an Artists’ Network initiative, is a venue where artists from all stages of their career can showcase their struggles with the gritty realities of contemporary life.

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