Rey Saem: FIVE at Gallery 1313

Installation view of Rey Saem, Five, from left to right: Touching the Moon, Water Your Flower, Manitoba Buffalo and Red Rocket Car

Rey Saem: FIVE
Opening Reception: September 14, 2017 / 6:30 pm
Gallery 1313

ICELAND seemed to come to Gallery 1313 as artist Rey Saem exhibited his works titled FIVE at Gallery 1313. Saem originally from Iceland has recently settled in Canada. A former architect, this was Saem’s first art exhibit. His mother and two daughters came from Iceland to see the exhibition and his partner Gail helped with all the arrangements for the exhibit. One of the more dramatic moments was when the six foot moon rose from the floor with the help of two friends raising it via a pulley system. Saem told us that as a five year old he had dreamed of escaping to the moon in a rocket car – so he put together this piece inspired by that old dream. Friends and other artists joined Saem in those magic moments of the “rising moon”, lighting it up with flashlights.

Rey Saem, FIVE, raising the moon
Rey Saem, FIVE, raising the moon
Rey Saem, FIVE, raising the moon at the opening reception

Icelandic acting head of the Mission, Embassy in Ottawa, Olof Sigvaldadottir made a gracious opening speech. Another series of art works by Rey highlighted his passion for film.

Icelandic acting head of the Mission, Embassy in Ottawa, Olof Sigvaldadottir with Rey Saem

Other Galleries @ Gallery 1313: the Process and Cell Galleries with artists Shawn Postoff and Jane Theodore had their receptions as well with plenty of enthusiastic visitors. Postoff, a new member to Gallery 1313, presented an installation with mosaic works and some historical context while Jane Theodore exhibited wonderfully appealing abstract works.

Shawn Postoff with his works,Thoughtful Antinous (left) and He Flew Over The Nile (right)
Jane Theodore next to her painting, Floating Out of Your Sky

Everyone was happy at the end of the night. A few curious visitors were attracted by the Canadian and Icelandic flags outside the gallery.

Phil Anderson

*Exhibition information: Rey Saem, FIVE; Shawn Postoff, Praise The Gods!; Jane Theodore, I’ve no need to wonder why, September 13 – 24, 2017, Gallery 1313, 1313 Queen Street West, Toronto. Gallery hours: Wed – Sun, 1 – 6 pm.

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