Luminato Festival goes Virtual in 2020

Luminato, 2020 / Online
June 11 – 13. 2020

The visual art programming includes:

Museum of Water: A Conversation
June 12, 2020 at 6:45pm

Amy Sharrocks. Photo: Ruth Corney

2020 marks the beginning of the creation of Museum of Water, a three-year project with UK artist Amy Sharrocks, which is a collection of publicly donated water and accompanying stories. During Luminato’s virtual festival, Amy will be joined online by Mark Calzavara from the Council of Canadians to delve into some of the major water issues facing communities across Toronto and Ontario.

Photo: Bo Wong

What Art Has to Offer Immigration
June 13, 2020 at 1pm

The Laboratory for Artistic Intelligence shares original music, video art and performances created in collaboration with artists lo bil, Mark Campbell, Sharada Eswar, Tom Kuo and Nava Waxman. Dive deeper into The Lab with a short, behind-the-scenes film made by visual artist Claudia Arana, followed by an artistic statement from Founder and Chief Artistic Officer Helen Yung speaking to what art has to offer Immigration.

Gopi Chimmaraju and Judie Plaza (Laboratory for Artistic Intelligence). Photo: Chris Katsarov Luna

For more programs please go to Luminato, 2020.

Images are courtesy of Luminato, 2020

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