This is Paradise / Place as state of mind:The Cameron Public House and 1980s Toronto

The crowd. Photo:Phil Anderson

Curator Rae Johnson and Curator Cameron house co-owner Herb Tookey. Photo:Biserka Livaja

Coalmine Canary, Napoleon Brousseau and Mike  Hansen. Photo:Biserka Livaja

c0-curator and Cameron House co-owner Herb Tookey and photographer Biserka Livaja. Photo:Erella Gagnon

Brian Video Photo: Biserka Livaja

Lana lowon, Sandy Stagg Photo: Biserka Livaja

Elinor Rose Galbraith and Amy Wilson. Photo: Biserka Livaja

John Scott and Elinor Rose Galbraith.  Photo: Biserka Livaja

Oliver Girling Photo:Biserka Livaja

Mojah and friends. Photo: Biserka Livaja

Keith Holding, Erella Baubella Photo: Biserka Livaja

Photo: Biserka Livaja

Andrew James Paterson and John Scott Photo: Phil Anderson

Kim and Donna Lipchuk. Photo: Phil Anderson

Marion Lewis and Charles Pachter. Photo:Biserka Livaja

George Whiteside. Photo: Biserka Livaja

Evan Pennyand Helen Choi. Photo: Phil Anderson

Rae Johnson, Bruno Billio, Brian Burnett and friend. Photo: Phil Anderson

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