Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition 2012

Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition
July 6, 7 & 8, 2012
Hours: Friday & Saturday 10:30am-7:30, Sunday 10:30am-6:30pm
Free Admission

My visit to  Canada s biggest outdoor art show started in the early hours of the first day of the show, July 6, at  11 am. It was set to be a record breaker for the temperature in Toronto. You could feel the heat from the pavement at the City Hall . Artists came prepared with hats, plenty of water and sun glasses. Paramedics stood ready and the staff and volunteers were sorting out last minute problems.

The show receives over 100,000 visitors and it was early when I got there but people were coming out looking at the work of several hundred artists. This is the 51 first  year for the outdoor show  which has had its share of hurdles such as rain and garbage strikes.

Photo: Imre Hajagos

Visitors with Derek Stefanuk’s painting in the middle. Photo: Imre Hajagos

Visitors with Steven White’s works in the middle.  Photo: Imre Hajagos

This years exhibition seemed to have plenty of strong works. Artists were ready to deal with the heat expected to reach 43 degrees with the humidity.

 Artist Annie Veitch. Photo: Phil Anderson

Artist Christopher Banfalvi. Photo: Phil Anderson

Artist in residence, Jesse Bromm’s works. Photo: Nicholas Liang

Artist Sarah Munro. Photo: Phil Anderson

This exhibit provides buyers and collectors with a unique opportunity to talk with the artist and make a purchase directly from them. For gallery owners it is a good opportunity to scout for new artists or their roster.

Artist Mikael Surget. Photo: Phil Anderson

Artist Grace Eunmi Lim. Photo: Nicholas Liang

Artist Eric Cator. Photo: Phil Anderson

Artist Sean Galbraithin. Photo: Phil Anderson

Artist Richard Ahert. Photo: Phil Anderson

Jewelry artist Annie Tung’s tent.  Photo: Imre Hajagos

Encaustic artist, David Brown had a slightly shaded spot and was happy to have a little shade for his art works made from beeswax.

Artist David Brown. Photo: Phil Anderson

For everyone it is a good chance to see what artists in Toronto and other cities are working on and to appreciate the cultural activity that keeps the city vibrant and alive.

Cityscapes in the city.  Photo: Imre Hajagos

The little artists’ tent. Photo: Imre Hajagos

Photo: Imre Hajagos

 Text: Phil Anderson

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