Peter Dykhuis: Peripheral Traces (Dark Heart)

In a world where we prize technology, and all things digital, the analog is usually passed over or not given a second thought. The title alone, Peripheral Traces (Dark Heart), reflects repurposed analog material as well as the artist’s frustration with his lack of inspiration at the time. Peter Dykhuis transforms the banal into an intriguing personal reflection of daily life as a man, father, artist, and curator and director of Dalhousie Art Gallery. Separating his life into three realms: home, work, and his art practice, he uses paper-based ephemera—such as personal lists, envelopes, receipts, cards, and notes—to form collages that reflect the multifaceted nature of contemporary life. For instance, we get a peek into Dykhuis’ daily life with receipts from his veterinarian, Mr. Lube, as well as packages from MOCCA, and notes from other Red Head Gallery members such as Teri Donovan. He offers his viewer an opportunity to see the everyday/mundane/ordinary, as beautiful, whimsical, and compelling, on an intimate scale on a familiar object, a staples brand clipboard.  The result is a body of work that contain traces of the ordinary that references a broader environment including social, cultural and economic forces.

Leanne Simaan

*Exhibiton dates: February 5, 2014- March 1, 2014, The Red Head Gallery, 401 Richmond St. W, suite #115. Gallery hours: Wed – Sat 12 – 5 p.m.

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