Solid Ideas / Opening Reception

Guest at the Opening Reception, September 4, 2014, with Lilly Otasevic’s,  Barricades, reclaimed bricks.

Opening Reception: September 4, 2014 / 6 – 8 p.m.
John B. Aird Gallery

Judy Raymer-Ivkoff, Root Force, limestone, bronze (left).

Artist Richard McNeill with PodFlow #19 – Alice 3, mixed-media.

Artist Gordon Becker with his sculpture, Maroon, wood, pigment.

Artist Barbara Fletcher with her work, A Complimentary Couple, cast, acrylic.

Solid Ideas, the annual exhibition of the Sculptors Society of Canada held at the John B. Aird Gallery until September 26th, presents a set of compelling figurative as well as abstract works. The variety of materials used and themes explored covers a vast array of interests and experiences that will benefit all visitors, and the show successfully combines works by emerging as well as more established sculptors.

Tim Manalo, Orange, foam.

Tim Manalo is one of the young talents exhibited at this year’s SSC show. He was OCADU’s top Medal winner for Sculpture / Installation. Tim was invited to join the SSC after being accepted as an Emerging Sculptor. The piece he submitted to this year’s show, titled Orange, reflects his meticulous work, with every detail orchestrated to create a very conceptual yet actual work. Orange is the foam counterpart of a similar piece executed in wax. By creating two analogous pieces in different materials, Manalo is interested in exploring the evolution of his pieces through time, and the evocative potential and of the resulting variations of color. His piece presents a very interesting reflection on the subjectivity of art making as well as art reading.

Artist Judi Michelle Young with Resolve, metal, chain.

Resolve by SSC President Judi Michelle Young explores yet another theme, by examining the artist’s personal and familial history. Young incorporates a lot of Chinese numerology in her work as a reference to themes close to her heart and history. Her work is highly symbolic and full of hidden meanings that reward the viewer patient enough to explore all the piece’s components.

Guests with Marlene Kawalez, Hunter, mixed-media.

Solid Ideas displays a variety of works that engage the viewer in a dialogue with resolutely modern and deeply interesting pieces and foster an environment conducive to the exploration of contemporary practices in Canadian sculpture.

Text: Aurore Mathys. Photo: Mitch Billinkoff

*Exhibition information: August 26 – September 26, 2014, John B. Aird Gallery, 900 Bay Street, Toronto. Gallery hours: Mon – Fri, 10 – 6 p.m.

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