Colour and Form Society Opening

Saturday, September 24, 2-5 pm

Members of the Colour and Form Society invited the public to their reception on Saturday Sept. 24  2-5pm.

Hugo Slepoy and Alex Tavares (President of the Society) and Gerry Richards (Vice President)

The lively reception including many of the 100 members of the Society and most of the 36 exhibiting artists. The President of the Society, Alex Tavares called on members to have a moments silence to remember all the past members of the society.

Gerry Richards, Marvyne Jenof, Lynn Soehner, Susan McCrae

Organizer and Vice President Gerry Richards was also hard at work greeting guests and members.

Andrea Yermy, Keeper of The Song

Shirley Erskine, George, Lino BlockPrint

New Canadians made up the early organization starting in post war Canada. The organization played a significant role in the cultural mosaic of Canada. In 2012 the Colour Form Society celebrates its 60th birthday.

Tara Imerson, Safety, Watercolour

Steve Wilson, Challenging the Spirits

The exhibit which including a variety of media such as  painting, sculpture and mixed media continued to Oct. 2,  including Nuit Blanche.

Text and Photo: Phil Anderson

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