Tim Whiten at Olga Korper Gallery

Tim Whiten in front of Hallelujah II

Coffin? Treasure chest? Space cube? The exhibition of the latest works by Tim Whiten leaves one intrigued, inspired and introspective. The dazzling Chasing Cobald and Arisearose anchor the room with their intricate geometric presence, bold ultramarine color and sharp edges. The lighter, seemingly floating Hallelujah I and II expand the horizon of the imagination.

Chasing Cobald

Arisearose, the top part

The intricately decorated sculptures Reliquaire (II) and Who-Man/Amen possess a striking ability to draw the viewer in, make them bow and contort in an attempt to peak at the enigmatic contents. Yet, no matter how hard one tries, the insides remain a mystery. Whiten’s face radiates with delight when asked about the engaging aspect of his work: he is glad that the public would “take something away” from his objects.

Reliquaire (II)

Visitors engaging with the piece Who-Man/Amen

Re-cognizing Asterion and Hallelujah I

Text and photo: Elena Iourtaeva

*Exhibition information: Tim Whiten, Suspend, January 17 – February 16, 2019, Olga Korper Gallery, 17 Morrow Avenue, Toronto. Gallery hours: Tue – Sat, 10 am – 6 pm.

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