Art Toronto 2021 / Photo Journal

Photo Journal by Megan Kammerer

Jason Baerg, Optimal Futures, acrylic and tempera on laser cut canvas over ladder; Acrylic on wood, Fazakas Gallery, Vancouver

Installation View of Patel Brown, Toronto (Front Right: featuring Nep Sidhu and Nicolas Galanin, “No Pigs in Paradise,” 2016, mixed media, textiles by Sidhu and adornment by Galanin; Back Centre: Michael Dumontier and Neil Farber, “Library,” 2021, Acrylic and ink on MDF)

Installation View of Galerie Robertson Arés, Montreal (right to left: featuring work by Lina Lago, Ryan Crotty, & Troy Emery)

Installation View of Galerie LeRoyer, Montreal (Left: Willy Verginer, “Quello che io non ho è una camicia bianca,” 2015, Lindenwood and acrylic; Right: Rock Therrien, “Dancing Queen,” 2021, Mixed media on canvas, neon)

Photo Journal by Cathy Liu

Sam Francis, (left) and works by Takashi Murakami at Galerie Raphael, Frankfurt

Ceremonial/Art, Vancouver

Janna Watson, Blue Moon at Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto

Galerie LeRoyer, Quebec, Toronto

Bobbie Burgers, Immersed, 2021 at Equinox Gallery, Vancouver

Galerie LeRoyer, Montreal

Lina Lago, Fake Abstract (after Nattier), Galerie Robertson Arés, Montreal

Kim Dorland, Yellow, 2021 at Patel Brown Gallery, Toronto

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