In The End A Good Story Is All That Remains

January 12 – February 19, 2012
Opening: Thursday, January 12, 6–8 p.m.

 Fran Hill and New York curator Edward Rubin

Stepping into the gallery a day before the opening, I saw Ed Rubin talking on the phone with his usual enthusiasm, inviting people to the show. Then Rubin, an international art writer, curator, traveller and renaissance art man, gave me a tour of the exhibition.

The eight New York artists represent a great diversity both in their age, artistic approach and style. Rubin was talking about  Ejay Weiss’s Seascape with Venus comb, and how strikingly beautiful it is.

Ejay Weiss, Seascape with Venus comb, murex, 2010

Paintings of Ejay Weiss (left) and Ernest Concepcion (right). Photo: Ed Rubin

Ernest Concepcion was the only artist who came to Toronto for the opening. His black, white and gray Power Dream is a twisted interpretation of the words, showing all the natural powers unleashed around the peacefully sleeping figure.

Artist Ernest Concepcion and curator Edward Rubin

Lori Nelson‘s teenage girl seems almost pretty surrounded by red flowers—until we have a closer look and see that she is actually throwing up.

Lori Nelson, Pretty, pretty on the inside, 2010

Heidi Johnson‘s paintings are radiating happiness with their strong colors juxtaposed by Jason Stopa more monocrome cityscapes.

Scott Walden’s photographs (left) and Heidi Johnson’s paintings (right). Photo: Ed Rubin

Then we talked about New York and Toronto, and that was the first time someone called this city laid back to me. The show could easily fill a much larger gallery, and Rubin is looking into that possibility.

Steve Rockwell, publisher of dArt International. Photo: Fran Hill

Canadian activist, artist Franke James, Chris Mitchell, Penny Rose, Edward Rubin and Fran Hill

Emese Krunak-Hajagos

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