Francesco Albano: After Grünewald at Robert Kananaj


by Simon Termine

The goal of my artistic quest is to represent the human body distorted and transformed by the torments and illnesses of the soul and the psyche.

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Adam Lee: Of A Great and Mighty Shadow at Angell Gallery

rsz_06zimzum (1)

by Emily Lawrence

Interested in the idea of shadows and how they cast over the histories and lives of people, Lee’s paintings create links between the past, the present, and the future.

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21st Annual Juried Graduating Sculpture Student Exhibition


by Joshua Burston and Peter Wirün

Congratulations to the graduating sculpture students for such terrific work.

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Zachari Logan & Morley Shayuk at Paul Petro

rsz_zachari-logan-human-heart-made-of-plants (1)

by Simon Termine

Zachari Logan and Morley Shayuk explore the complexities of nature, examining its potential connections in itself, between other organisms, and within a societal context, with juxtaposing approaches in both theme and style.

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Alexander Irving & Paul Collins / General Hardware


by Sunny Kim

Both artists are concerned with their respective obsessions, one of words and one of a specific horizontal form. Delving into these obsessions is an indulgent experience both for the eyes and the mind.

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Margaux Smith: What The Moon Saw at LE Gallery


by Camila Jourdain

In the show What The Moon Saw by integrating the freedom of abstract gestures with a complex figurative vocabulary, Smith achieved a language of her own.

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Dean West: The Painted Photograph at Alison Milne


by Emese Krunák-Hajagos

These hyper-realist photographs seem so real that they become unreal. In this show West outlines a new American aesthetic through a modern mythology of disengagement.

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Nadia Belerique: Bed Island at Daniel Faria Gallery


by Vanessa Zeoli

With Bed Island, Nadia Belerique has created an atmosphere conducive to the process of self-awareness, wherein moments of vulnerability and autonomy may be recognized.

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Ned Pratt: A Silence to Revel in / Nicholas Metivier Gallery


by Meghan O’Callaghan

Our presence here in this landscape is temporary in comparison to the power and magnitude of our natural world. Our reverence is rightfully demanded and deserved in Pratt’s exhibition.

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Annie MacDonell: Holding Still // Holding Together


by Emily Newell

The dramatic meaning of the photographs are juxtaposed with the way of the dancers’ performance, with their peacefully and elegantly intertwining bodies.

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