New Members of the Sculptures Society of Canada


The exhibition is worth a look as each of the new members bring with them their own individual voices, communicated trough various mediums.

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The Artist Project 2017


February 23 - 26, 2017

Better Living Center

This is a unique opportunity to meet and buy art directly from artists

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Elizabeth Babyn and Ester Pugliese at loop


by Elizaveta Mironova

Their different styles - Babyn’s conceptual and contemplative installation and Pugliese’s emotional and tranquil paintings - greatly complement each other.

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Margaux Tartarotti & Heidi Leverty: Marée Noire at Walnut Contemporary

Installation view of Marée Noire by Margaux Tartarotti  and Heidi Leverty at Walnut Contemporary, 2017 (2)

by David Saric

In a dual exhibition, the artists allow their distinct artistic endeavors to reflect, comment upon, and compliment each others’ oeuvres, showcasing a thematically-succinct sister act.

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Funding Announcement for The Museum of Contemporary Art


by Phil Anderson

The Museum of Contemporary Art, Toronto, Canada was awarded $5.1 million from Canada Cultural Spaces. Things are looking up for MOCA and the art community was thrilled to hear the news.

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Jasmine Reimer: Small Obstructions at Georgia Scherman Projects


by Claire Scherzinger

I immediately was drawn to the science-fiction aesthetic created by these obstructions and the front space of the gallery that is stylishly painted in a complementary eigengrau grey, building the atmosphere of a post-apocalyptic beach scene.

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Tony Romano, New Work: 2014-2016 at Clint Roenisch Gallery


by Daniel Joyce

Though the exhibition certainly leans towards a nostalgic war era's formal sculptural bias; the artist has successfully put together a show that does not feel out of place in 2017.

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W.W. Hung: Architectures of the Body


by Katerina Bong

Hung separates the nature of the architectural and the human forms yet distinctively composes them together into a single piece.

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Gallery 1313 celebrates its 20 years


by Simon Termine

Everyone – artist members new and old, visitors and long-time patrons, and foremost members of the Toronto art scene – agrees that Gallery 1313 is an important cornerstone of the communal identity and the city’s art culture.

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The Personal Atmosphere of Patrick Howlett at Susan Hobbs Gallery


by Emese Krunák-Hajagos

Howlett’s painting are layered with intellectual meaning. His symbols are sophisticated. His compositions are unique and a product of a long meditation as well as compositional experimentation.

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Louise Noguchi & Sean Ross Stewart at Birch Contemporary


by Simon Termine

Noguchi strives to protect against the passage of time that entangles the tumbleweed or will inevitably destroy the marshmallow structures, while Stewart is concerned with preserving and/or reconstructing fading memories.

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Jennifer Rose Sciarrino: Thrummer at Daniel Faria Gallery


by Vanessa Zeoli

Sciarrino’s most recent body of work combines digital animation, floor drawing, and hand-blown glass sculpture to examine the dynamic between technology and the material world.

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