Shogo Okada: Reality Ain’t Always the Truth at Wil Kucey Gallery


by Alexis Moline

The intersection of colourful, pixelated Japanese pop aesthetics and wholesome American Dream icons allow Okada’s work to be light-hearted and fun

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Yael Brotman & Kim Stanford at loop


by Victoria De Chellis

The exhibitions of Brotman and Stanford, however different their themes and artistic approach, work intricately well together.

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We are safe and all is well in our world / Scrap Metal Gallery


by Alexis Moline

A time and a place is presented, revealing how the AIDS epidemic produced a vast body of art and humanity and new ways to communicate that are still not entirely understood.

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Leopold Plotek: No Work, Nor Device, Nor Knowledge, Nor Wisdom


by Jordan Fee

Plotek’s paintings are not immediately comprehensible but the pleasures offered by his refined visual language instill a desire in the viewer to return to them again and again.

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Kent Monkman – Shame and Prejudice: A Story of Resilience


by Elizaveta Mironova

Monkman’s technical attention to details juxtaposed with broader, contemplative themes produces a one of a kind exhibition.

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Nasty at Daniel Faria Gallery


by Laura Hutchingame

Nasty at Daniel Faria Gallery showcases a captivating assemblage of works in different media that presents the viewer with defacement, inaccessibility and interference patterns.

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Scott Treleaven & Georgia Dickie at Cooper Cole Gallery

rsz_10cc_scott_treleaven_2017_not_palaces (2)

by Victoria De Chellis

Scott Treleaven, Not Palaces and Georgia Dickie, How Many Antennae are exciting shows, not to be missed.

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The Artist Project 2017


by Jordan Fee, Laura Hutchingame & Phil Anderson

The fair is offering the viewers a chance to enter directly into a dialogue with the artists who were displaying their works

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Tim Noonan: Abstract Urban Nature at Yumart


by Jordan Fee

In these paintings we see Noonan going above and beyond, achieving a level of abstract clarity that is uniquely his.

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Felix Kalmenson как всегда / As Always at Pari Nadimi


by Andriy Bilenkyy

Kalmenson's show is a politically engaged conceptual art, thoughtful and witty, which, nevertheless, leaves the viewer with an impression of the artist's longing for an artistic, not merely ideological, adversary worthy of being deconstructed.

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Margaux Tartarotti & Heidi Leverty: Marée Noire at Walnut Contemporary

Installation view of Marée Noire by Margaux Tartarotti  and Heidi Leverty at Walnut Contemporary, 2017 (2)

by David Saric

In a dual exhibition, the artists allow their distinct artistic endeavors to reflect, comment upon, and compliment each others’ oeuvres, showcasing a thematically-succinct sister act.

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Tony Romano, New Work: 2014-2016 at Clint Roenisch Gallery


by Daniel Joyce

Though the exhibition certainly leans towards a nostalgic war era's formal sculptural bias; the artist has successfully put together a show that does not feel out of place in 2017.

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