Rodney Graham’s Jack of All Trades at Prefix


by David Saric

Rodney Graham’s Jack of All Trades sees the distinguished Canadian artist waxing satirical on the notion of identity and performance.

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Hua Jin: Don’t Look You Will See at Lonsdale Gallery


by Megan Kee

Viewed through the lens of transience, Hua Jin’s show invites you to slow down and meditate on a succession of ephemeral ‘moments in time’.

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Oliver Tiura: Eternal Bronze Meets 3D Printing


by Serri Shao

The exhibition is worth a trek to the Canadian Sculpture Centre on Church Street to view Toronto’s first large 3D-printed sculptures

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Interview with Lee Lamothe


by Nika Teper

His collection and composition of found and photographed images, once extracted, are then peeled, layered, repeated and rephotographed. The cinematics of space and person recall a broader narrative.

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Alain Norman Amar abstract paintings at Gallery 1313


by Nika Teper

Referential abstract elements situate the viewer in a natural setting demonstrating an artistic engagement with nature and human emotion.

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Ann MacIntosh Duff at Nicholas Metivier Gallery


by Alice Pelot

In the space between the rural North and the urban city, between dusk and twilight, and somewhere between indoors and outdoors, there exists ‘landscapes of the mind’ by Ann MacIntosh Duff.

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55th Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition


by Phil Anderson

Every year the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition gives artists and the art loving public a great opportunity to engage and share their work and love for art.

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Interview with Amy Shackleton


by Emese Krunák-Hajagos

Now, after years of experimenting with gravity and rotating my canvas, I am able to manipulate where and how each drip will fall. There is little room for error with my technique.

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Kristine Moran at Daniel Faria Gallery


by Alice Pelot

In The Boss, The Queen, The Secretary and The Henchman, the layers of paint have more solid planes, are less in flux and the figures demonstrate relationships not only between imagined characters but also between colours.

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Adam Lee: Of A Great and Mighty Shadow at Angell Gallery

rsz_06zimzum (1)

by Emily Lawrence

Interested in the idea of shadows and how they cast over the histories and lives of people, Lee’s paintings create links between the past, the present, and the future.

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