Jim Reid: Field of Vision at Lonsdale Gallery


by Nika Teper

Jim Reid’s chaotic brush strokes enable atmospheric renderings that are especially provocative when slowly approached from a distance.

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Sarah Letovsky: Girls Girls Girls at Project Gallery


by Carter Brown

I was amazed by her brushstrokes even before I was mesmerized by her Girls and the characters that came to life through them. One thing is for sure: this girl can paint.

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Roald Nasgaard: Ric Evans at Nicholas Metivier Gallery


by Roald Nasgaard

Up-front, quirkily so, as Evans’ compositional structures often are, it is nevertheless when he pits structure against destabilizing contraries that his more recent painting delivers its aesthetic pizzazz

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The Idea of North: The Paintings of Lawren Harris at the AGO


by Emily Lawrence

The show seems aware of the problematic aspects of Harris, but is overly polite in its explanations and is seemingly too timid to push further—perhaps in fear of appearing blasphemous against one of Canada’s most famous artists.

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Interview with James Maxwell


by Nika Teper

Both art and design shape physical and emotional space. Both have their specific fabrication requirements and processes. I’m often confused by the difference between objects, what they are and what they do.

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Tattoos: Ritual. Identity. Obsession. Art. at the ROM


by Alice Pelot

Most of the objects are treated like artifacts and documentation, but all seem included for the purpose of elevating contemporary tattoo practices and styles to an art form.

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Canadian Sculpture Centre

Adhering to its educational mandate, the Sculptors Society of Canada organizes and sponsors this exhibition each year.This year the jurors have selected 13 works by 6 artists from Ontario.

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Le Baptême de la Solitude: Alexander Jowett at Alison Milne Gallery


by Nika Teper

Jowett expresses qualities of reflection, the division between land and sky, sea and sky, by accentuating the natural geometries.

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Interview with Robert Kananaj


by Emese Krunák-Hajagos

Our plans for the next five years are to adapt ourselves to the gallery's growth. Art as life, one project at a time, and to be open as we always have been to the outsider within.

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Frida Kahlo: An Illustrated Life by Franco De Simone


by Simon Termine

The exhibition is an homage to Kahlo’s unique aesthetics and thematic diversity which, when viewed concurrently, serves as the artistic depiction of her history and experiences.

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