Category: BRIEFS

Marco Bertuzzo: Hidden

by Meghan O’Callaghan

Marco Bertuzzo has poignantly reminded us that art should be slowly digested, a process that allows one to absorb all it’s veiled meaning.

Yangyang Pan: Inside Out

by Sabine Modder

Yangyang Pan situates the onlooker as an integral part of her work, for it is the ability to view the landscape that provides the link between seeing, seen and scene.

Brian Deignan: Roadworks

by Tara Akitt

His works are characterized by their blurry appearance, while the automobile serves as a framing device and contextualizes the perspective.

Jérôme Nadeau: RUINS

by Maddy Tripp

With the focus on materiality, disintegration, and the gesture of the artist, Jerome Nadeau uses photography to contextually create what he refers to as “paintings”.

Timeless Kandinsky

by Maddy Tripp

Have you ever imagined a visual experience where each of your senses is awakened; the smell of the vivid reds, the sound of the poignant blue, or even the taste of the lemony yellows?