Category: Olivia Musselwhite

Eduardo Basualdo at Scrap Metal

by Olivia Musselwhite

Basualdo creates a fictional world so the viewer can contemplate their lives and bodies. He creates a space for a humbling experience, forcing one to acknowledge their own limitations.

Lorenza Böttner at the Art Museum of U of T

by Olivia Musselwhite

Böttner’s work is a discourse on embracing and accepting different types of bodies and has brought to light the ability to use bodies as a mode of expression, demonstrating how happiness can be achieved through using one’s physical form, even if it is deformed.

Sex Show 2020 @ Gallery 1313

by Olivia Musselwhite

The Sex Show delivers an exhibit that leaves one feeling amused along with the sense of a higher awareness of what sex and sexuality means in the 21st century.

Nuit Blanche 2019

October 5, 2019 / all night

by Mikael Sandblom, Adrian Ooesterman & Olivia Musselwhite

The ephemeral artworks of Nuit Blanche make the places that they briefly occupied permanently richer and more meaningful.