Category: Steve Rockwell

Station Independent Projects Opening

by Steve Rockwell

Its mandate is to organize exhibitions and events with a focus on artist advocacy and specializes in discovering new emerging and mid-career artists that are not represented by galleries

Spring Exhibitions at MOCA

by Steve Rockwell

The cluster of Spring 2023 exhibitions at MOCA might best be viewed as a bouquet of sorts, its vase the industrial building of the museum

Ginette Legaré at Birch Contemporary

by Steve Rockwell

The keys to its translation involve a mixing and matching the wire letters of the artist’s alphabet with our own experience as a way of “sounding out” the material world around us.

Art Toronto 2022

by Steve Rockwell & Lex Barrie

Art Toronto 2022 has provided significantly more space between booth aisles, with added seating for lounging, making attendance less hurried, relaxed, and in that, more pleasurable.