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CONTACT 2014 / Picks

Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival

May 2014 / Toronto

With so much choice, with well over 1500 photographers exhibiting throughout the Greater Toronto Area, it isn’t easy picking exhibits to see.

Superabstraction at Angell Gallery

by Amy Luo

Is abstract painting still relevant today? While such tendencies as conceptual, installation, and new media art emerged onto the scene, production of abstract painting has persisted

Edward Burtynsky: Water

by Amy Luo

Though Burtynsky’s work is inflected with environmental undertones, his visual language is never didactic or polemical. His images are stoic rather than confrontational, and open-ended rather than explicit.

Louise Bourgeois at Mocca

by Amy Luo

The artist who is recognized in this MOCCA exhibition, however, is one whose identity is as multiform and slippery as her artistic style.

Yigal Ozeri: Territory

by Amy Luo

The theme of death asserts its presence even more when the viewer recalls the subject is not just a beautiful woman and a mythical nymph, but also a soldier serving in the Israel Defense Forces.

Collected Shadows

by Amy Luo

What surfaces in this show are myriad stories of diverse peoples and the worlds they live in and create around themselves