Category: Brinae Bain

Love Art Fair 2015

Opening Night: April 16, 2015, 7–10 p.m.

by Brinae Bain and Elena Iourtaeva

The fair as a whole is smaller than last year and it is better viewable in its entirety. There is a good balance in terms of quantity, quality and medium.

Gavin Lynch: For Janus at Angell Gallery

by Brinae Bain

His collage-like technique leaves behind a compendium of textures, shapes, and lines that form together to create an incredibly detailed scene. Almost tactile, it is this aspect that provides Lynch’s works with a sense of depth, one that vehemently projects a sense of ‘place’

Karine Giboulo: HYPERland

by Brinae Bain

Giboulo accomplishes a great deal with her vibrant and comical figures. Her work presents the viewer with entertaining, thoughtprovoking situations that reflect on, what have become, society’s standards.