Category: Georgia Gardner

Walking Nuit Blanche 2022

by Phil Anderson, Georgia Gardner & Olivia Mariko Hsuen-Ferris

it was all fun, an enjoyable walk around and as a collective experience sharing knowledge through the power of art: it worked

I am land that speaks

by Georgia Gardner

This exhibition focuses on the autonomy of the land and voices the urgency of our accountability. The land remembers and it speaks thoughtfully.


by Georgia Gardner

ARTWORXTO provides opportunities for artists and the public to engage with themes and ideas that matter to Torontonians.

K8N Collective at Gallery 1313

by Georgia Gardner

K8N Collective has a powerful-shared vision by projecting the idea that minimalism can also be maximal, expansive, layered and fancifully complicated.

Mike Smalley at Helio Gallery

by Georgia Gardner

These new works present sweeping landscapes, seascapes and mountain scenes, paving the way for elements of the natural world to personify emotions.

Gallery Weekend at Corkin Gallery

by Georgia Gardner

Christian Butterfield’s Green Light portrays an evolution of an early career artist, revealing an exploration of human relationships through mass media, popular culture, and a fascination with the human body