Category: Phil Anderson

Sex Show 2020 @ Gallery 1313

by Olivia Musselwhite

The Sex Show delivers an exhibit that leaves one feeling amused along with the sense of a higher awareness of what sex and sexuality means in the 21st century.

GALA 1313

January 16, 2020 / Gallery 1313

by Phil Anderson

Money raised will help the Gallery continue to offer visitors the best in contemporary art programming.

BMO 1st Art Competition

by Phil Anderson

The evening went well and one can only hope that these events recognizing artists can continue and grow to help nourish young artists.


by Phil Anderson & Mikael Sandblom

The vast range of work on offer demonstrates how wide open and diverse contemporary art has become

Remembering Katharine Mulherin

1964 – 2019

Katharine will always be remembered for her impact on the Toronto art scene. Like others I will cherish my memories of Katharine and always remember her gracious smile.