Category: FEATURES

Carol Wainio at Paul Petro

by Hugh Alcock

There is little doubt that Wainio is a rarely gifted artist with an uncanny ability to conjure out of paint a spellbinding object, rich in possibilities.

Jeffrey Chong Wang at Gallery House

by Talia Williams

The oeuvre of Jeffrey Chong Wang is whimsical and striking. He paints his protagonists as fair-skinned and idealized in style, looking out into the distance with lost and captivating eyes.

Kathryn Bemrose’s Birdland

by Steve Rockwell

The birds in the Bemrose exhibition flit in and out of camouflage, challenging the eye, at times, to separate plumage from foliage. It’s an unbridled dance between the figure and its descent into the oblivion of abstraction.

RAW at Gardiner Museum

by Simon Termine

The evolving quality of the exhibition encourages multiple visits to see how the pieces progress over time. Ultimately, it is more so the development of the clay than the final product that evokes curiosity and engagement.

Five Questions with BOBBIE BURGERS

by Nicholas Metivier Gallery

I have always tried to be a pleaser and these new works show the different complexities of my personality, my darker and more rebellious side as well as my vulnerability and happiness