Category: FEATURES

Eduardo Basualdo at Scrap Metal

by Olivia Musselwhite

Basualdo creates a fictional world so the viewer can contemplate their lives and bodies. He creates a space for a humbling experience, forcing one to acknowledge their own limitations.

Sarah Sze: Images in Debris at MOCA

Emese Krunák-Hajagos

Sze’s “sculptures” are very complicated structures, that vibrate with projected images and light that fills them with life, making them a living thing that breathes and moves.

Rae Johnson at Christopher Cutts

by Hugh Alcock

It is the tension between the physical and the psychological that makes her work gripping. Hers is a powerful unique voice, wonderfully showcased by Christopher Cutts’ judicious selection.

Eli Langer at Clint Roenisch

by Mikael Sandblom

We’re missing a lot by not seeing this show in person because the work involves the material, and craft of painting. It’s the kind of work you want to get up close to.

Carol Wainio at Paul Petro

by Hugh Alcock

There is little doubt that Wainio is a rarely gifted artist with an uncanny ability to conjure out of paint a spellbinding object, rich in possibilities.

Jeffrey Chong Wang at Gallery House

by Talia Williams

The oeuvre of Jeffrey Chong Wang is whimsical and striking. He paints his protagonists as fair-skinned and idealized in style, looking out into the distance with lost and captivating eyes.