Category: Leanne Simaan

Ebrahim Noroozi

by Leanne Simaan

Though horrifying, there is an underlying beauty in each series, a humanity that Noroozi accesses with style, compassion, and grace.

40 Years of Hip Hop

by Leanne Simaan

Kothari and Paterson provided a lighthearted exhibition that gives super-fans the nostalgic satisfaction of seeing some of their favorites

CONTACT 2014 / Picks

Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival

May 2014 / Toronto

With so much choice, with well over 1500 photographers exhibiting throughout the Greater Toronto Area, it isn’t easy picking exhibits to see.

In the Studio with Jean-Paul Kelly

February 27, 2014

Organized by Mercer Union

artist and curator Jean-Paul Kelly welcomed guests into his home and studio for an intimate look at a handful of his past works, and his current practice.


by Leanne Simaan

Though we are left to contemplate and engage in intellectual dialogue in regards to the metamorphosis of the resurrected found objects, these works also inspire cheer by making their viewer smile.

Zev Farber: Errata (18 to 34)

by Leanne Simaan

Although Farber’s trilogy of works may seem morbid and pessimistic, he vulnerably offers his audience the opportunity to appreciate and relate to his growth as a human being and as an artist