Category: PROFILES

Interview with Brandon Steen

by Mikael Sandblom

I am documenting them as I create my paintings before they are torn down or facaded without their souls intact. Perhaps I will become in time historical artist of Toronto’s past.

Interview with Lee Lamothe

by Nika Teper

His collection and composition of found and photographed images, once extracted, are then peeled, layered, repeated and rephotographed. The cinematics of space and person recall a broader narrative.

Interview with Pari Nadimi

by Emese Krunák-Hajagos

we don’t follow the market, the market follows us. There is no doubt, this is much more challenging for a gallery but I like the challenge — so do the artists we represent

Interview with Stella Cade

by Madeleine Till

I was being as honest with a portrait of someone else as with my own self-portraits. Maintaining the vulnerability in the piece. Those specific insecurities are important because that’s how I look at art, at myself, and at the world.

Karine Giboulo: HYPERland

by Brinae Bain

Giboulo accomplishes a great deal with her vibrant and comical figures. Her work presents the viewer with entertaining, thoughtprovoking situations that reflect on, what have become, society’s standards.