Category: Gagandeep Sandhu

I ♥ Paint

Angell Gallery

by Gagan Sandhu

Dorland states that painting is still “alive and well, current, compelling and relevant” and the success of this medium-specific show tells us that it is true.

CONTACT 2014 / Picks

Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival

May 2014 / Toronto

With so much choice, with well over 1500 photographers exhibiting throughout the Greater Toronto Area, it isn’t easy picking exhibits to see.

Maryse Goudreau: Memory is a Weapon

by Gagan Sandhu

Goudreau’s photo manipulation of the past and staged re-presentation of events, invoke the very instable nature of memory that allows it to be moved around to suit the agenda of others.

Kim Stanford: Dirtier

by Gagan Sandhu

There are socks twined together perched on laundry boxes, phallic socks jutting out from the wall, drawings of socks, and a bronzed cast resting on a pedestal.