The Sunshine Eaters / Onsite Gallery

Winnie Truong, Parasympathetic, 2017

The Sunshine Eaters at Onsite Gallery encapsulates how artists look to nature as a way to ignite hope in the face of crises. Currently on display is ​Parasympathetic (2017) by Toronto artist, Winnie Truong.

Truong has a total of eight spellbinding papercut works in the exhibition, each delivering their own sense of play in the form of collage-like entanglements. Secluded within plants, flowers and trees – ​Parasympathetic draws attention to feminine forms and celebrates whimsical exaggerations. Within the scenes of marsh and myth masked nymph characters are enveloped in their own fantasies and enchantment. Troung’s attention to details give a phantasmagoric​ visual experience, which transcends the viewer into colourful spirals of beguilement​. Her work is delicately curious, and creates a moment of personal intimacy when hope is understood as a self-reflective moment between the individual and the land.

Nikole Turrer

*​Exhibition information: January 10 – April 15, 2018, Onsite Gallery, 199 Richmond Street West, Toronto. Gallery hours: Wed 12 – 8 pm, Thurs – Fri 12 – 7pm, Sat – Sun 12 – 5pm.

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