Judy Raymer Ivkoff: Earthly Matters


by Emese Krunák-Hajagos

All the pieces are abstract, focusing on natural movement, rhythm and textures observed during the artist’s walks in the woods

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CONTACT 2017 / Artoronto picks


Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival

May, 2017 / Toronto and GTA

With so much choices, with well over 1500 Canadian and international artists and photographers exhibiting at more than 200 exhibitions, it isn’t easy picking exhibits to see.

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Iris Häussler: Sophie La Rosière Project – Chapter III at Daniel Faria


by Andriy Bilenkyy

one can't shake the impression that the author has triumphed over her creation, and that it wasn’t an easy victory

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The Distance Between – Myron Jones at Lonsdale Gallery


by Carolyn Peralta

In the minimalist spirit, the landscapes by Jones have an air of simplicity despite their intricacy.

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de Andrade, Echakhch, Hupfield & Kiwanga at The Power Plant


by Nika Teper

The immersive environments created in each exhibition uniquely engage the visitor, encouraging a critical re-evaluation of global realities and universal sentiments.

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Isaac Julien: Other Destinies at the ROM


by Yilong Liu

Through aestheticizing the bodies, their movements and the background, it becomes clear to the audience that this is not a real footage but a reiteration of history.

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Alternative Histories / Division Gallery


by Carolyn Peralta

a captivating show that contemplates what is fact and what is fiction, and the space in between and beyond

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Stanzie Tooth: The Distance of the Moon at General Hardware


by David Saric

In The Distance of the Moon, Tooth makes a strident efforts to prolong the images beyond the impermanence of memories and transform them into personal histories.

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Vessna Perunovich: Shifting Shelter at Angell Gallery


by Alexis Moline

Delving deep into the emotional and psychological consequences of exile, Perunovich’s exhibition bears witness to the lost, retelling essential stories in order to give them the recognition they deserve.

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Shogo Okada: Reality Ain’t Always the Truth at Wil Kucey Gallery


by Alexis Moline

The intersection of colourful, pixelated Japanese pop aesthetics and wholesome American Dream icons allow Okada’s work to be light-hearted and fun

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Yael Brotman & Kim Stanford at loop


by Victoria De Chellis

The exhibitions of Brotman and Stanford, however different their themes and artistic approach, work intricately well together.

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We are safe and all is well in our world / Scrap Metal Gallery


by Alexis Moline

A time and a place is presented, revealing how the AIDS epidemic produced a vast body of art and humanity and new ways to communicate that are still not entirely understood.

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