TOAF 2024

by Phil Anderson

Organizers made it all happen again and nothing but good things were said about this year’s TOAF.

Help to save Propeller Art Gallery

We’re still $150,000 short. Help us reach our goal to Save Our Space at 30 Abell St, Toronto! Owning our space will offer long-term benefits to our members and the arts community by providing stability and opportunities for long-term planning.

Roy Wong at Gallery 1313

by B. James McCarthy

The works celebrate the beauty of decay, the quiet solitude of a world preparing for slumber, and the promise of renewal that lies dormant beneath the winter snow or the dim light of dusk.

The Toronto Show at Gallery 1313

by B. James McCarthy

Moving from one piece to the next is like traversing the city itself. Each embodies a unique form and viewpoint, reflecting the diversity that permeates the city’s environment and culture.