Not The Actual Site / Brookfield Place

Sunny Kim

These spaces we are so familiar with – the Galleria and generic office spaces – are reintroduced in a way that redirects the human flow while heightening our awareness of the everyday sites we absent-mindedly shuffle through.

OCAD University’s Graduate Exhibition

by Nazli Nahidi

The 103rd year of GradEx seemed to be its busiest, and most dynamic show to date. The annual four-day exhibition featured works by over 900 students in both art and design across several buildings on campus.

CONTACT 2018 / Artoronto picks

Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival
May-June, 2018 / Toronto and GTA

With so much choices, with well over 1500 Canadian and international artists and photographers exhibiting at more than 200 exhibitions, it isn’t easy picking exhibits to see.

Peter Alexander Por / Canadian Sculpture Centre

by Simon Termine

When perusing Catharsis, the sheer variety of works – each with their own sense of individuality yet still unified under a common ambiguity behind their laden meanings as the artist intended – continuously offers something new and interesting to explore.

The Future is in the Land / Julie Nagam

by Xiaotong Cao

“Our survival and our continuation as a people are tied to Indigenous knowledge of the land and a return or an extension of these land-based practices is what will bring us into the future.”