Meaghan Hyckie at Olga Korper Gallery

by Sophie Wang

As the title hints these clouds could be easily caused by an atomic bomb, so their elastic beauty deteriorates in front of our eyes and becomes utterly dangerous. However, in this exhibition, danger is overruled by beauty.

Petrija Dos Santos: A Labour of Love

by Iris Wu

Dos Santos provides a glimpse into the bittersweet life of these rural residents. By catching this “everydayness” she is able to document – and “preserve” in a certain way – the simple and undisturbed society that still exists

Bruno Barbey: Witness of Things Past

by Xiaotong Cao and Emese Krunák-Hajagos

What makes Barbey a great photographer is not only his technical perfection, sense of beauty but his humanitarian attitude, his love toward his subjects and the stories he tells