On New Ground / Canadian Sculpture Centre

by Shakuntala Fernandopulle

Guests flooded in, intrigued by the sculptures in the window display, discussing the sculptures, chatting with the artists, and leaving with a new understanding of contemporary sculpture

Spectra 2023

by Lily Scriven

By focusing on the collective, rather than any given theme, the exhibit allows each artist to share projects they are passionate about. 

Public Art at CONTACT 2023

by Phil Anderson

It presents a unique opportunity to take over advertising space, such as billboards, and building facades, and to share artwork with the public.

CONTACT 2023 / Artoronto picks

May – August, 2023

Various locations in Toronto and the GTA

With so much choices of Canadian and international artists exhibiting, it isn’t easy picking exhibits to see

Spring Exhibitions at MOCA

by Steve Rockwell

The cluster of Spring 2023 exhibitions at MOCA might best be viewed as a bouquet of sorts, its vase the industrial building of the museum


May – July, 2023
Various locations in Toronto and the GTA

the largest photography festival in the world, and a premiere cultural event in Canada

Walking the Artist Project 2023

by Lex Barrie

The Artist Project is a high energy, engaging collaboration of artistic practices focusing on the various social, cultural and economic ideologies that create the world we live in.

The Artist Project 2023

by Phil Anderson & Emese Krunak-Hajagos

This years Artist Project was a fun return to celebrating art and artists and collectors both benefited. There was a renewed energy.