by Olivia Mariko Hsuen-Ferris

I highly recommend you spend some time in the lobby of the MOCA. Go flip through the books, grab a seat, read the posters, and take your time gazing at the walls.

CONTACT 2022 / Artoronto picks

May – August, 2022

Various locations in Toronto and the GTA

With so much choices of Canadian and international artists exhibiting, it isn’t easy picking exhibits to see.

Artist Project 2022

by Andrew Colebeck

The Artist Project reminded me that art, the arts community and life generally continues in its creative walk forward despite, or because of, the times we live in.

Artist Project 2022 / Opening Night

by Phil Anderson

Just being in a large venue with hundreds of expressive artists and many colourful works plus thousands of art-deprived individuals, one cannot help but feel uplifted and almost overwhelmed. It feels good.