Andrew Rucklidge at Christopher Cutts Gallery

by Simon Termine

Simply because the arctic is expansive and wild does not mean that it does not possess a life of its own; it just requires a different perspective that appreciates the quality of that emptiness and what it actually holds.

Joan Kaufman: Surface Tension II at Lonsdale Gallery

by David Saric

Kaufman brings attention to increasingly fraught relationship between mortals and the natural world, as the human mind can create images of wonder, but also significantly contribute to the rampant deterioration of a once-thriving global ecosystem.

The Anxious Body / Angell Gallery

by Simon Termine

In our increasingly social world flourished through technology, The Anxious Body is an intricate group exhibition striving to the influence of social media and current socio-political paradigms on contemporary visual art.

Interview with Judi Michelle Young

by Alexis Moline

June Callwood (Canada’s revered writer and activist) had encouraged me to write down my family’s story – but I felt I had to do the “visuals” first…. as I am a “visual artist”

FOCUS: Los Angeles / Art Toronto 2017

by Steve Rockwell

My own familiarity with LA art scene begins to thin out somewhat in the middle of the 2010 decade. So much has happened in Los Angeles since. What I managed to glean was merely a core sample of a vital, if not explosively dynamic arts community.