Walking Nuit Blanche 2022

by Phil Anderson, Georgia Gardner & Olivia Mariko Hsuen-Ferris

it was all fun, an enjoyable walk around and as a collective experience sharing knowledge through the power of art: it worked

Nuit Blanche Toronto 2022

by Julie McNeill, Dylan MacHattie & Sara Rependa

For one sleepless night, from sunset to sunrise, the familiar is discarded and Toronto is transformed into an artistic playground

Nuit Blanche 2022

October 1, 7pm – October 2, 7am

Expanding to include exhibitions in Etobicoke and North York, in addition to downtown and Scarborough, the long-awaited event features more than 150 artworks

Jen Mann: Other Sister at Arsenal Contemporary

by Olivia Mariko Hsuen-Ferris

The corporate gaze is real and very present in the media we consume, the media we create, and even within our senses of self. Other Sister isn’t real… or is it? Maybe it’s both. Does it matter? Does anything matter anymore?