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Amy Switzer: Bird Call

June 8 – July 9, 2011
Closing reception: Saturday, July 9, 4-6pm


Birds inspired by literature and created from books. Switzer’s recent drawings and sculptures attempt to address the complex relations we have with animals and the way we have charged them with symbolic and anthropologic characteristics.


By Gary Michael Dault

I came into the Drake Hotel coffee shop a couple of weeks ago and there was anarchist-wildman-artist Istvan Kantor at a window table in the sunlight and when he smiled a greeting—for we hadn’t seen one another for a couple of years—there was suddenly a visionary gleam in the coffee shop, an effluence of light that made looking at him feel like looking directly at the grille of a 1948 Buick.

Staged Photography

By Emese Krunak-Hajagos

Looking at the exhibitions of Contact always remind me of my childhood. My relationship with photography started at a very early age since my mother was a professional photographer. She had a portrait studio from the 1950th for 40 years in Budapest. Through her work staged photography filled my life and as a passionate reader I always connected stories to the photographs.

Illuminated Manuscript

By Matt Macintosh

Illuminated Manuscript“, a site-specific installation curated by Bonnie Rubenstein at The Coach House as part of this years CONTACT festival themed, “Figure + Ground” is part of Robert Bean’s ongoing research project on Marshall McLuhan, technology and obsolescence. With access to the back-rooms of the Canadian Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa, Bean has presented 2 videos and 18 mid-scale photographs in the house where McLuhan famously conducted his research and Monday evening seminars.


By Von Bark

The art of eating is the very substance which gives us life. The art of preparing food for consumption is an alchemical/transformative process which simmers our cultural influences in complex ways. ‘Best Before‘ is a group show of Aboriginal artists that bites into this feast. There is a light-handed but sharp sense of teasing our dominant culture. The artists all contributed recipes related to their conceptual pieces.

Sound Before Sight

By Amanda Pignotti

As visitors walk toward the blackened room of the E-Gallery located on the UTM (University of Toronto at Mississauga) campus, sound before sight entices the crowd. One by one, visitors unconsciously emerge as “listeners” of a work of art, prior to becoming the “viewer”. Intimidating and boisterous tones stampede out from the E-Gallery, drawing in curious yet skeptical listeners before the piece is even seen!


June 18 – July 9
Opening Reception: June 18, 7 – 10 pm

Bezpala Brown Gallery

RAW ME is an eclectic group show exposing a collection of intimate stories of self-acceptance, self-identity and sexuality by seven Toronto-based queer artists.