Category: Mikael Sandblom

The Time Being at Angell Gallery

by Mikael Sandblom

The Time Being provides a compelling example of how Instagram can be used for art. The account is the art. The pictures, videos and text and the relationships between them is a whole, integrated, online artwork.

Art Toronto 2020 Pop-Up @ SBG

by Mikael Sandblom

The Stephen Bulger Gallery has collaborated with four out-of-town galleries to mount a pop-up show, providing each exhibitor with an art fair type booth within the larger space.

Eli Langer at Clint Roenisch

by Mikael Sandblom

We’re missing a lot by not seeing this show in person because the work involves the material, and craft of painting. It’s the kind of work you want to get up close to.


by Phil Anderson & Mikael Sandblom

The vast range of work on offer demonstrates how wide open and diverse contemporary art has become

Nuit Blanche 2019

October 5, 2019 / all night

by Mikael Sandblom, Adrian Ooesterman & Olivia Musselwhite

The ephemeral artworks of Nuit Blanche make the places that they briefly occupied permanently richer and more meaningful.

Matthew Giffin at Helio Gallery

by Mikael Sandblom

We interpret these pieces like the half-remembered images and narratives of dreams whose meaning seems familiar but become more elusive and ambiguous the more we try to pin them down.