Category: Shellie Zhang

Art Toronto 2013 / Highlights

by Shellie Zhang & Veronica Scarpati

With works ranging from emerging to established artists, new and familiar galleries, the 200,000 square feet of art can be quite intimidating. Here are some of the highlights of this year’s art fair

Eric Doeringer: Survey

by Shellie Zhang

Ultimately, Survey sends a hopeful message through a satirical form by demonstrating the shifting attitude towards conceptual art from “I could do that” to the postmodern belief and that “I could expand on that”.

Interview with Jen Stark

by Shellie Zhang

Recognized by their mesmerizing spirals, loud colours, and op-art attributes, Jen Stark’s paper sculptures draws inspiration from an array of natural phenomenons within mathematics, nature, and cosmic space.

The Bikeriders by Danny Lyon

by Shellie Zhang

By documenting their journeys and re- presenting their way of life to the public, Lyon brings forth evidence that perhaps these individuals do not deserve the negative image that they have been affiliated with.

Andrew Wright & Janieta Eyre / Opening Reception

May 3, 6 – 8:30 p.m.

University of Toronto Art Centre

This year, CONTACT’s Festival theme, Field of Vision, intends to explore the photographic medium as a way of seeing. Andrew Wright’s Penumbra and Janieta Eyre: Constructed Mythologies show two different possible approach