Category: Alice Pelot

Yonder at Koffler Gallery

by Alice Pelot

Every artist in the exhibition expresses vulnerability about widely felt anxiety, each filled with pain or humor and each worth engaging with.

IN/FUTURE at Ontario Place

September 15 – 25, 2016
by Alice Pelot

This monumental project by Art Spin and Small World is an incredible testament to Toronto’s artistic community and in attendance inspired my question: how will future artworks contribute to rebuilding iconic public spaces?

Kristine Moran at Daniel Faria Gallery

by Alice Pelot

In The Boss, The Queen, The Secretary and The Henchman, the layers of paint have more solid planes, are less in flux and the figures demonstrate relationships not only between imagined characters but also between colours.

Body Talk at Project Gallery

by Alice Pelot

Project Gallery successfully allows the character of each artist to speak for itself without any generalizations about the experience of being female, while also maintaining a succinct curatorial vision.