Fundraiser /Exhibition/ Sale
Reception Wednesday, June 13 , 6-9:30 p.m.
Fran Hill Gallery
June 13 – July 1, 2012

Curated by: Phil Anderson, Emese Krunak-Hajagos, Steve Rockwell

Photo: Nicholas Liang

The crowd with artist Marcos Lins in the front. Photo:Phil Anderson

After one year Toronto’s online art magazine, ARTORONTO.CA celebrated with a festive event and exhibition at the Fran Hill Gallery (285 Rushton Road, just north of St Clair Ave East of Oakwood). The reception took place on June 13, 6 – 9:30 p.m. and included an exhibition of art works by  37 artists and live entertainment from Nerds With Guitars, an acoustic musical group.

 Installation view with works of (from left to right) Tom Legrady, Dennis Duncan, Teri Donovan and Miklos Legrady. Photo:Nicholas Liang

Installation view with works from Adam Lodzinski (top left), Nancy Oakes (top right) and Tom Ridout (bottom). Photo: Nicholas Liang

Nerds With Guitars. Photo: Phil Anderson

Many of the participating artists showed up for the reception including Rosemary Beach, Nancy Oakes, Marcos Lins, Margaret Glew, Teri Donovan, Pat Rice, Imre Hajagos, Tanya Klochkov, Tim Ridout, Akas Tarmaji, Matt Macintosh, Lawrence E. Glazer, Jesus Mora, Y.M Whelan, Adam Lodzinsky, Leon Rooke, Angelika Turlik and others.

From left: artists Teri Donovan, Pat Rice and Margaret Glew. Photo: Phil Anderson

artists Rosemary Beach, Irina Litinsky and Steve Rockwell (in the background). Photo: Phil Anderson

The gallery was overflowing with a buzzing  crowd while others were talking outside at the front under the huge tent. Artists and gallery owners were talking about their work and answering the questions of visitors.

Kate Vasyliw and Roy Kohn from Roadside Attractions. Photo: Nicholas Liang

The party keep momentum with the tunes of Nerds With Guitars. Locals came by to check out what was happening. The overflow crowd was impressed with the exhibition.

The ootside. Photo: Phil Anderson

artist and proud father, Jesus Mora. Photo: Nicholas Liang

The exhibition continues till July 1st and continued success looks evident for ARTORONTO.CA given the response by all the visitors on that Wednesday. publishers (from left to right) Phil Anderson, Emese Krunak-Hajagos and Steve Rockwell. Photo: Nicholas Liang

Interns (from left to right) Angelika Tulik (also an artists), Aeree Rho and Jessica Song. Photo: Phil Anderson

Special thanks goes out to all the helpful interns who worked for the website and made the event happen and to Fran Hill for letting us use the venue. All the art works are online and at least one from each artist can be seen at the gallery exhibition.

Text: Phil Anderson

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