Robert Groh

Aromatic Butternut Pumpkin Curry, oil on canvas, 48 x  60 inches

Robert Groh at Art Toronto, 2012
Kopec Chun Gallery Wiarton, Ontario
October 26 – 20, 2012

The two pieces at this year’s fair that I particularly enjoyed were Robert Groh’s. Wonderfully created and delivered they evoked strong emotions through their colour association and – what I found interesting – their names.

Canadian artist, Groh is known to use bold and lively colours  together with food symbolism to create an overwhelming sense of emotions bordering on happiness, excitement and fascination.  ‘Chicken Vindaloo’ spanned two boards and gave a strong sense of exoticism. The colours strongly resemble Indian spices involving deep yellows and vibrant reds. This only comes to mind after one views the title of the piece, and makes the association – a fiery delivery indeed. The other piece that was eye-catching in it’s detail and colour use was ‘Aromatic Butternut Pumpkin Curry’. The fact that this is a finger painting already implies great textural detail. The colours are mainly warm as well as seeming ‘burnt’ in some parts. The reds and yellows evoked a strong culinary symbolism in an aesthetically pleasing ensemble.

by Haafiz Karim

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