Toronto Galleries in Art Miami, 2012

So many art related things happened in Miami at the same time between December 4 – 9, 2012, after a while I stopped counting the different fairs, events, shows – a great feast for the art lover.

First I went to Art Miami and found two galleries from Toronto: Nikola Rukaj and Nikolas Metivier Gallery.

Interview with Nikola Rukaj (N.R) by Andrew Colebeck (A.C)

Nikola Rukaj, owner of Nikola Rukaj Gallery, Toronto

A.C: How are you enjoying the Fair so far?

N.R: I love it. It is a wonderful fair. The numbers are overwhelming and there is an educated fine crowd here.

A.C: What art did you bring here?

N.R: We brought Hans Hoffman’s Landscape from 1935, a lovely painting among other famous international artists.

Hans Hoffman’s Landscape from 1935, casein on panel, 24.7 x 29.6

A.C: How did you get these painting?

N.R: There were acquired throughout the years as part of our gallery collection.

A.C: There is a terrific selection for Art Miami this year. How do you think your gallery fits into the context the galleries brought here from all over the world?

N.R: We are old school — we have Dubuffet, Giacometti, Hans Hoffman and other well known masters. These are paintings that are the best of their times and they are in wonderful condition. They are also fresh to the market and that’s what people look for, they need to be fresh and not seen before.

 A.C: What is your impression of the show?

N.R: I rate it a 10. It is a wonderful show with an educated crowd, they buy and they collect. The market is great we are definitely coming back next year.

A.C: You’ve brought a lot of traditional art from your gallery. Were you thinking about maybe bringing a new artist here?

N.R: We will have more space next year and we will certainly involve more artists.

A.C: How do you feel about representing Toronto knowing that you are in an international setting here?

N.R: Toronto is an international city. There is a lot happening in the film industry and in the art world – it is a known city now.

A.C: Are you enjoying the networking you are able to do with the other galleries, marketing maybe?

N.R: The networking is great. You spend ten hours on your feet but you meet various peers. We have a common dominator here.

Nicholas Metivier Gallery was represented by Nicholas Metivier, Greg Manuel, Sarah Massie and Rita Stuart at the Fair.

As Ms. Stuart let us know, “the fair was very successful, we developed several new client relationships, and saw several clients we had met in previous years.  Fairs are a very important part of our business, mainly because it is a great way to expose our artists to new audiences, and generate new clientele.

Art Miami was a good fair for us, it is the second largest fair next to Basel, and supports/compliments our gallery’s aesthetic and program very well.


Our booth highlighted the new work of Edward Burtynsky, Charles Bierk and Jeffrey Blondes.”

In Red Dot Fair at ART-Basel Miami across from Art Miami, which was the first  original fair of the art scene in Miami. There I was mesmerised by Montreal artists Carole Beauvais  (C.B) large,  colorful abstract paintings.

A.C: How does if fell being part of what is now the largest Fine Art show on earth?

C.B: Art Basel Miami, is a hugely exciting thing. It feels like being on the greatest roller coaster ride on earth.

A.C: What does it mean to you?

C.B: The main painting in my booth is called : I AM  HERE ( 8′ x 8′ ) which was created to mark my spot on an international level to tell people that I AM there, come and see me!  My plan seems to work: I met and am meeting very interesting people and got incredible contacts. It feels very rewarding. I made connections that will just help to bring me to the next level not to put aside great new friends/great artist. I look forward to seeing what this week will bring me in the near future.

A.C: How do people respond to your works?

C.B: I am amazed to see the response to my paintings.  What great exposure, from instagrams to Facebook from the young  to the older, if I would have charged money for every photo taken, I would have payed my trip.

A.C: Will you do it again?

C.B: Will I do it again…of course, it would be crazy not too. I just want to do it at a higher level. I will go to Miami in February for the Wyndwood art Fair. Being told all week that my art was very Miami and Californian I cannot not go.

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