Peter Hoffer and Rachel MacFarlane at Nicholas Metivier Gallery

Peter Hoffer and Rachel MacFarlane
Opening Reception: Thursday, January 10, 2013
Nicholas Metivier Gallery

Photo: Fox Martindale

Nicholas Metivier Gallery kicked up the new year with two openings for two very different artists.

Artists Peter Hoffer. Photo: Fox Martindale

As the press release stated, “The landscapes in Hoffer’s current exhibition are powerful yet sparse. At the center of most paintings sits a solitary tree, resembling the composition of a portrait. Each tree conveys a particular character and depending on its structure and surroundings, some trees appear heroic while others fragile.”

Peter Hoffer, Silhouette, 2012, oil, acrylic, and epoxy on board, 36 x 60 inches

Just looking at the photographs of Hoffer’s paintings I’ve thought that they are just another Northern landscapes. Standing in front of  them gives a totally different feeling. Their large size emphasizes the loneliness of trees mirroring our own and the transparent white layer on the top on the paint creates a special air condition with clouds overhanging.

Installation view with Peter Hoffer’s paintings. Photo: Nicholas Metivier Gallery, 2013

As a contrast to Hoffer’s almost monocrome compositions Rachel MacFarlene’s paintings caught the eye with their strong colors.

Artist Rachel MacFarlane. Photo: Fox Martindale

As outlined in the press release  “MacFarlane’s process begins with small maquettes that she makes from collected and curated refuse. These maquettes are then lit, studied and used as still-lifes for the structural foundation of her oil paintings. … MacFarlane’s imaginative use of colour, pattern and scale then eventually takes over, … drawing inspiration from new technology and contemporary culture such as video games and computer graphics.”

Rachel MacFarlane, Electric Current Running, 2013, oil on wood,  16 x 20 inches

Photo: Fox Martindale

Installation view with Rachel MacFarlane’s paintings. Photo: Nicholas Metivier Gallery, 2013

The gallery was packed with patrons and you can overhear many interesting discussions about the styles of the artists and the impression they strong work created in the viewers.

Photo: Fox Martindale

Photo: Fox Martindale

The exhibition is open till January 26, 2013 in 451 King Street West, gallery hours: Tue-Sat 10–6 pm. 

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