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BRAZEN: Sexual Stigma Overcome

Exhibition: December 5 – 12, 2013

Opening: Friday, December 6, 2013

Deadline: November 25, 2013

Seeking submissions in any and all media for BRAZEN: Sexual Stigma Overcome, a guest curated group art exhibition at Project Gallery.

This exhibition focuses on the sexual and physical empowerment of the individual who has overcome victimhood, and the many different barriers to, and celebrations of, healthy and joyful sexuality. One of the aims of the exhibit is to provide a platform for people who have been affected by any sexually transmitted infection(s), be it personally or vicariously, to express themselves beyond the stigmatization. After the initial diagnosis or realization, it’s easy to feel like a victim. This show aims to look at what happens next; how do we emerge from the ashes of victim identity to rise again as empowered self‐aware agents? Ours is a culture rife with stigmatization of sexual health afflictions, slut shaming, phobias and sexual  negativity. As artists we have the ability to illustrate a different narrative: the freedom that comes not from mere acceptance of our bodies and sexualities as they are, but from celebration of our bodies and sexualities (and those of our lovers) as they are in the present moment.

The scar left on the psyche by abstinence focused education can be overcome through validation of our choices and through the raw intimacy of informed consent.

The subject matter of the art can be as varied as the experiences: pain or fear around disclosure, the cycle of denial, solitude, rejection, rebellion, courage, sexiness, humor, pride, love, and even apathy.

It is time to evolve beyond the stigma surrounding sexuality: it is time to revel in and celebrate our agency, our responsibility for our own health, the health of our lovers, and the triumphs and failures along our journeys as adults.

We are seeking submissions in all media including but not limited to: painting, video installation, sound installation, collage, photography, clothing/textile, and sculpture. We are specifically interested in showcasing work themed around body empowerment, safe sex, queerness, and kinkiness. For the opening reception, we are interested in showcasing performance-based art that explores the themes of the show. We welcome proposals from dancers, choreographers, spoken word artists, musicians, and burlesque dancers. We are also open to showing short film screenings, as there is a full-wall projector and dedicated screens available to display video works.

If you wish to submit, please include:

• Up to 5 Photos or up to 2 videos of your work


• A brief artist bio/statement ‐ up to 200 words

• Contact information – including phone number and website/blog

to: by November 14th 2013 cc: (quoting ‘BRAZEN EXHIBIT’ in the email subject)

Typically artists selected to exhibit at Project Gallery contribute a nominal exhibition fee of 50-125$ based on exhibit duration as well as size and number of pieces exhibited. Fees go towards operating and maintaining of the gallery, exhibition promotions and printed materials, photography/videography, reception bar/food and SOP permits. Exhibition fees can be flexibly offset by commission negotiations.

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