Summer Emerging Artists Exhibition / Opening Reception

Opening Reception: July 10, 2014 / 7 – 10 p.m.
Gallery 1313

This annual exhibit gives emerging artists a chance to exhibit new works while trying to further their art practise and career. The curator, Gallery 1313 Director Phil Anderson, had the arduous task of selecting work from the 75-80 online submissions. The quality of work was taken into account while at the same time trying to offer visitors a wide range of works to view in terms of art practise and media. Installing an exhibit with such an eclectic mix of work wasn’t an easy task either.

This curated group exhibition of 32 artists had a bustling reception with artists, friends and art enthusiasts. Visitors seemed to be very engaged in checking out the display of works that could have been made by possible future art stars. The eclectic exhibit had a variety of different works using different medias. In the middle of the Gallery, artist Kathleen Wicks, had her installation Anatomy of a Mattress which attracted a lot of attention. The work contained the deconstructed bed which was turned into a sculpture. There were video works by Amanda Arantes and Kim Lee Kho and felt textile works by Jennifer Tsuchida. Artist Amita Sen Gutga had realist landscape paintings while painter Moshe Sakal had abstract works. Indeed there was representation of many styles and art practises.

Video Artist Amanda Arantes

Textile work by Jennifer Tsuchida

Textile Artist Jennifer Tsuchida

Photographers Brian Deignan and Jen Yeaman had their work displayed with painters Shantel Miller and Keight Maclean and ceramic artist Heidi Mackenzie. The artists intermingled along with their art works. Izaak Saureblue’s work, Marat, used paint on rough timber pieces while artist Bryan Bermudez used printmaking in his works. With such a diverse mix of work there seemed to be something for everyone in terms of taste and appreciation.

Artists Keight Maclean and friend

Ceramic artist Heidi Mackenzie (right) with visitors

Artist Bryan Bermudez

A major challenge for emerging artists, regardless of age, or art practise is to establish themselves as recognized artists and pass through the emerging phase. Gallery 1313 tries to support this process for artists by acting as an incubator for emerging artists. The gallery takes no commission on sales of art works trying to encourage collectors to purchase and add to their collections. The collectors get to talk directly to the artists receiving more insight into their art process. The panel discussion to take place on July 16 will hopefully help with some answers to the question of What Is Emerging and also give emerging artists some answers on how to move on as their art practise blossoms and their career develops.

Visitor in front of Amanda Arantes’ video

Text: Melina Bigler
Photo: Phuong Nguyen

*Exhibition information:  July 9 – 20, 2014, Gallery 1313, 1313 Queen Street West. Gallery hours: Wed – Sun 1 – 6 p.m.


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