The Gallery at the J’s 10th Anniversary Exhibition

In honour of their 10-year anniversary, The Gallery at the J’s has invited artists from past shows to exhibit their work and highlight the gallery’s eclecticism. Established in 2005, the gallery has brought over 80 exhibitions to the community, including Faces of Aliyah by Aviva Auerbach; the one that started them all. An excellent addition to the community, the Gallery at the J’s, located within the Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre, has managed to maintain a welcoming allure that has sparked art into the everyday mundane.

Harry Enchin, Bay and College. Courtesy of  The Gallery at the J’s

The small venue creates a space for intimate engagement with the artworks, breaking the harsh boundary of spectator and high art. Providing plenty of seating, viewers are encouraged to spend time encountering new works and perhaps, new thoughts. Exhibiting works in a multitude of mediums ranging from painting to textile art, the gallery has worked towards exposing its visitors to thought provoking exhibitions.

Esther Simmonds-MacAdam, Dancers I, 2009. Courtesy of  The Gallery at the J’s

The broad-range in media is complementary to the gallery’s exploration of different themes, cultures and geographical locations. This provides a large palette with which we are asked to not only engage, but to carefully consider. While the pieces on view are by no means revolutionary, they are a testament to the gallery’s commitment to engage with diverse works, representative of their diverse community.

Shelly Grimson, Michael Ondaatje. Courtesy of  The Gallery at the J’s

The exhibit coordinator, Deanna Di Lello, wrote in her curator’s statement “we don’t always sell, but we always make an impact.” This is a refreshing statement in a market overrun with gluttonous dealers churning art for profit. As the gallery is run with the Jewish Community Centre, their goal is different than that of a normal commercially run gallery. This translates into the décor, which lacks the usual white walls and void spaces. It is a gallery made to service the people of the community, an altruism that is oft hard to find in the hustle and bustle of a metropolitan city such as Toronto.

David Trautrimas, Micro Re-Instigator. Courtesy of  The Gallery at the J’s

The show, only open until April 12th, exhibits the works of Aaron Vincent Elkaim, Bernice Eisenstein, David Trautrimas, Esther Simmonds-MacAdam, Harry Enchin, Harry Tiefenbach, Irit Epstein, Jason Schwartz, Judy Singer, Mark Loren Freedman, Myriam Nafte, Rafael Goldchain, Rob Croxford, Roman Elinson, Shelly Grimson and Sheree Rasmussen.

Mia Guttmann

*Exhibition information: March 12 – April 12, 2015, The Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre Gallery, 750 Spadina Avenue, Totonto.

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