The Distance Between – Myron Jones at Lonsdale Gallery

The exhibition of works on paper, The Distance Between, on now at Lonsdale Gallery offers a unique landscape painting perspective from the eyes of Myron Jones.

Jones shared that these small works, inspired by his travels to France, Ireland, and Italy, are a deviation from the larger pieces he previously produced. Nonetheless, their impact is remarkable, as they invite the viewer to engage with the essence of their location that Jones translates to the paper. 

Myron Jones, Charentes #60, 2015, watercolour on 300 lb arches cold press paper, 14 x 19 cm. Courtesy of Lonsdale Gallery

From the way in which Jones describes his process, it is apparent that he is very methodological. Preferring to produce his compositions after looking through the photographs taken during his trip, he produces these works in a studio where he has the utmost control, which allows him to overcome feats of working in smaller scale and with the watercolour medium. However, the artist’s attention to detail and mindfulness with his material is evident without his explanation, as he successfully conveys the essence of his location abroad in an impactful manner. 

Myron Jones, Collesalvetti #14, 2016, watercolour on 300 lb arches cold press paper, 14 x 19 cm. Courtesy of Lonsdale Gallery

Jones’s form of landscape abstraction displays compositions that play with the relationship between foreground and background, through manipulations of perspective and alternation between geometrical and figurative representations of the land. Constantly struck by intersecting lines and lines that end abruptly – each piece demonstrates a careful combination of these elements – while also presenting repeated features of the landscape with unique forms. The muted colours act in accordance with the subtle qualities of the work. In the minimalist spirit, the landscapes by Jones have an air of simplicity despite their intricacy.

Myron Jones, Royan #6, 2015, water colour on 300 lb arches cold press paper, 14 x 19 cm. Courtesy of Lonsdale Gallery

These elements all come together in Royan #6 (2015) in a harmonious manner. The various horizontal and vertical lines, take slight angles that mimic the gradations in colour. The foreground’s dominance is emphasized by both the high horizon line and the receding vertical lines that play with traditional perspective. The general sections of colour also divide the composition in yet another way, while the more opaque and darker hues along the top and bottom balance it out.

The Distance Between is a beautiful interpretation of the lands of France, Ireland, and Italy. With Jones’s next trip planned to Newfoundland, it will be hard to wait to see what he produces next.

Carolyn Peralta

*Exhibition information: April 1 – 23, 2017, Lonsdale Gallery, 410 Spadina Road, Toronto. Gallery hours: Wed – Sun, 11 am – 5 pm.

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  1. Fantastic piece.carolyn captured the essence of the artist work. Very informative and truly makes you appreciate myron jones art.

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