John Clinton at Canadian Sculpture Centre

Artist Talk: October 27, 2018 / 2 pm
Canadian Sculpture Centre

Clinton’s past work explored the power of bronze within story-telling through textural nuances. His current solo exhibition brings him full-circle back to the fundamentals of wood and metal. Captivated by the enormous waste of natural materials, Clinton’s new body of work further defined his story-telling focus within the challenges of textural-ingrained reclaimed plywood and metal.

As Clinton wrote “Working in bronze and wood I have found that the surface works to define the piece – in effect becoming the texture of the story. I am fascinated that by altering the surface or the texture I can change the mood, the feeling and the emotion of the subject or story. Unlike bronze where I can create any texture, the reclaimed plywood forces me to deal with the texture I am given, creating a wonderful new challenge.”

Imposing (left) and Inside Looking out (right), both reclaimed plywood, steel

Installation view with wood sculptures

John Clinton with Regal, Eyes Wild Shut, bronze

All Knowing (left) and The Eyes Have it (right), both bronzeBig West Coast, bronze

John Clinton explaining Solemn (in the middle), reclaimed plywood, steel

Images are courtesy of Canadian Sculpture Centre

*Exhibition information: Inside Looking Out: Metal and Wood, John Clinton | Solo exhibition, October 18 – November 9, 2018, Canadian Sculpture Centre, 500 Church Street. Gallery hours: Tue – Fri, 12 – 6; Sat, 11 – 4 pm.

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