Canadian Sculpture Centre Reopening

The Opening Reception on March 30, 2019

The coming of spring breathes new life for the Sculptor’s Society of Canada with the reopening of the Canadian Sculpture Centre. Located at 39 Parliament Street within the Distillery District, the new atmosphere provides new opportunities for the members to display their works, with the space itself being considerably larger and brighter than their previous location on Church Street.

The opening speech (L-R) Richard McNeill,
Judi Michelle Young and Flavio Belli

As you enter the space, light floods in from the surrounding array of windows to illuminate the expanse of works. To celebrate, the exhibition features many of the Society’s artists and their latest creations. Rather than being unified with a central guiding theme, the gallery puts its best foot forward with a tonally and aesthetically diverse collection to commemorate the organization members and community supporters that have stood strong with the SSC throughout its long history.

Members and relatives of the Canadian Sculpture Centre at the opening reception on March 30, 2019

Beginning as early as 1928, the Centre has seen multiple relocations and conceptualizations in order to face the challenges of the day while also expanding their mandate to nurture contemporary Canadian sculptors in their passion. Now, the new location marks another chapter in that longstanding and fulfilling journey.

Guest with W. W. Hung, Frontside Rocker (left) and Desmond Scott, Come and Go (right)
Oliver Tiura, Tempest
Camie Geary-Martin, Woman Raising hand (left) and
Karen Stoskopf Harding, Galaxiana (right)
Marianne Reim, Dac Buch XVIII
Mac, Remnant (left) and Bastien Martel, Destin Incognito & Cocon (right)

The array of works itself is absolutely staggering. The artistic roster includes sculptures from many of the Society’s members: Gordon Becker, Andrew Benyei, Andy Berg, John Clinton, Edward Falkenberg, Mary Ellen Farrow, Barbara Fletcher, Cesar Forero, Camie Geary-Martin, Karen Stoskopf Harding, W.W. Hung, Judy Raymer Ivkoff, Elaine Jacques, Saulius Jaskus, Marlene Kawalez, Won Lee, J. Mac, Bastien Martel, Richard McNeill, Lilly Otasevic, David Ruben Piqtoukun, Marianne Reim, Desmond Scott, Peter Shoebridge, Oliver Tiura, Dina Torrans, Angela Verlaeckt Clark, Peter Wirun, and last but not least, Judi Michelle Young. It seemed that every artist from Society rallied to generate a comprehensive experience that was truly unique to the new setting.

Andrew Benyei, Lady On A Pillow
Saulius Jaskus, Juan Daydreaming
Ruben Piqtoukun, Spring Spirits
Lilly Otasevic, Kaleidoscope
Richard McNeill, Gazer Sentinel (left) and Peter Shoebridge, Pause & Walk (right)
Barbara Fletcher, Complimentary Couple (left) and Angela Verlaeckt Clark, Stone Clouds (right)
Judi Michelle Young, Bowl of Cherries

The plan for the current space is temporary with the prospect of a few years within this location. In that time, several large-scale exhibitions are anticipated with the ongoing potential for other programming. It will be exciting to see what the new Canadian Sculpture Centre will offer Toronto. Regardless, if this relaunch is any indication – to which it definitely is – then there is certainly more brilliance to come. Congratulations to the SSC!

Text and photo: Simon Termine

*Exhibition information: Launch. March 30 – April 28, 2019. Canadian Sculpture Centre, 39 Parliament Street, in the Distillery District. Gallery hours: Mon – Sat: 11am – 6pm; Sun: 12noon – 5pm. 

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