Thelma Rosner & Kim Stanford at loop

Showcasing two very different installations, the loop Gallery celebrated the opening of Thelma Rosner’s Recipes from Auschwitz and Kim Stanford’s KimystreeLoves Imaginal on June 1st.

Thelma Rosner is talking about her work at the Opening Reception

Creating pieces from a diverse array of found objects, Stanford’s works seek to develop new forms of reality and understanding by melding different textures and materials together. Employing the value of wabi sabi, the artist emphasizes the restored quality of her works rather than hiding its assembly, stating that the repair in itself becomes part of the object’s beauty.

Artist, Kim Stanford

Installation view with Kim Stanford’s work

Installation view with Kim Stanford’s work

Thelma Rosner emphasizes the significance of one’s journey by bringing one woman’s experiences to life. Inspired by a tiny recipe book that a young Hungarian woman, Elisabeth Raab Yanowski, made during her time as a prisoner of the Nazis. Rosner’s works highlights resilience, hope and survival. The artist asserts that the book in itself was created as a means to deal with starvation and a way of remembering humanity that victims of the Auschwitz have lost, in the face of their tragedy. Emulating pages from a book, Rosner’s pieces seemingly flutter together in one side of the gallery’s wall, creating a sense of whimsicality as ‘pages’ of vegetable representations emerge.

Artist, Thelma Rosner

The recipe book of Elisabeth Raab Yanowski from Thelma Rosner’s installation

Installation view with Thelma Rosner’s work

The Opening Reception was packed with an audience enthusiastically responding to both installations.

Text and photo: Maria Mendoza Camba

Exhibition information: June 1 – 23, 2019, loop Gallery, 1273 Dundas Street West, Toronto. Gallery hours: Wed & Thu, 12 – 5 pm; Fri & Sat, 12 – 6 pm; Sun, 1 – 4 pm.

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